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Sharad Sagar At Nobel • Dec 2016

In December 2016, Sharad Sagar was invited to the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway by the Nobel Peace Center and Government of Norway’s telecom enterprise Telenor.

In a week-long trip to Oslo, Norway, Sharad Sagar participated in events honoring 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos, the President of the Republic of Colombia. Sharad also worked with the Nobel Peace Center and fellow invitees from across the world to design solutions to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sharad Sagar in an interview with a media personnel in Oslo, Norway

Sharad Sagar was part of a distinguished audience that attended the ceremony. The audience included His Majesty The King of Norway, members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, past Nobel Prize winners, renowned world leaders and international media personnel.

CNBC in Norway did a feature on Sharad Sagar while he was at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony.

Here's what Ms. Audrey Camp, an international journalist and the event's official reporter wrote about Sharad:

"It's difficult to do Sharad Sagar justice in writing. He dazzles. Even standing still, his energy seems to pulse forward. But he rarely stands still... Data peppers his dialogue."

Sharad met and addressed young people from all across the world gathered in Oslo, Norway for the ceremony.

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