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Sharad Sagar At The White House • Oct 2016

In October 2016, Sharad Sagar became the only Indian who was invited by US President Barack Obama to The White House. Sharad Sagar was one of the very few leaders across the world invited to the SXSL Event Hosted by President Barack Obama at The White House.

In the 9-hour long event which started with an extensive tour of the White House, Sharad met and interacted with senior White House officials including DJ Patil, the Chief Data Scientist of the US Government who coined the term “data science”, Jason Goldman, Chief Digital Officer at the White House and others.

The invitees included eminent personalities as Congressman John Lewis, one of the “big six” (and only surviving leader) of the Civil Rights Movement, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and several other international leaders, entrepreneurs, and public policy experts.

As planned, President Obama joined the invitees for a 90-minutes long interactive session in which he called on the young leaders to push for change and create incentives for people through their innovations. President Barack Obama and Sharad Sagar shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. The President also congratulated Sharad and asked if he enjoyed being at the White House.

Local, national and international media extensively covered this feat by Sharad.

On his historic visit to President Obama's White House, Sharad Sagar said -

“This is simply amazing! Dexterity Global was founded the same year [2008] President Obama assumed office and he has had great influence on me as a leader. It’s a great honor for me to be invited for this special gathering at the White House and meet the world’s most powerful leader personally. Through his inspirational leadership, President Obama has impacted an entire generation and I thank President Obama and the White House for seeing great value in the work that we’re doing at Dexterity. Thank you!”

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