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Sharad Sagar In Begusarai • Oct 2017

In October 2017, Sharad Sagar made his second trip to Begusarai district in less than two years time. During his two-day visit, Sharad addressed thousands of villagers, held several public meetings and visited historic and religious sites in Begusarai.

He began his trip by offering prayers to Maa Ganga, the holy river of Ganges.

Sharad addressed residents of Bakhri (in Begusarai) on the 23rd Foundation Day Celebrations of Bakhri Subdivision, alongside leading politicians, public servants and religious leaders. Addressing thousands of villagers in Bakhri, Sharad Sagar said, "Our work doesn't end with celebrating foundation days. Real work will happen when we open new schools, build better hospitals, create new jobs."

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