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Sharad Sagar In Delhi • Dec 2017

In December 2017, Sharad Sagar was once again invited by US President Barack Obama. This time, President Obama invited Sharad Sagar to join him at the Obama Foundation’s special gathering of leaders in New Delhi.

This was the second time in almost a year that Barack Obama invited Sharad Sagar as his guest. Last year in October, Sharad Sagar was the only Indian who was invited by President Barack Obama to the White House.

The official invitation extended to Sharad Sagar said, “We are inspired by the work you are doing to positively impact your community. Young Indians like you aren’t just going to define the future of this nation, you’re going to shape the world.”

National and International media heavily wrote about Barack Obama's second invitation to Sharad Sagar in a year's time.

The Telegraph. Nov 22, 2017

In Delhi, Sharad Sagar also hosted young people at different public meetings.

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