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Sharad Sagar In Europe • June 2017

Sharad Sagar made a historic trip to Europe in June 2017. Sharad became the youngest ever in the history to deliver the keynote address at one of Europe’s largest business conferences, Spark Business and Internet Conference. Sharad, who was also the first Indian speaker in the history of the prestigious conference, addressed business tycoons, industrialists, investors, politicians, startup CEOs and university professors gathered in Europe from around the world.

Sharad joined the league of prestigious Harvard professors, UN officials, TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, best-selling authors, successful investors, venture capitalists, and management thinkers who had been guest speakers at the conference in previous years.

Within a few hours of the announcement, the news went viral across Europe with more than 100 local, European and international media houses covering Sharad’s visit to Europe.

Sharad also addressed the European media at the press conference and made a big announcement by launching DexConnect open to digital media, media houses, nonprofits, schools and governments. DexConnect is Dexterity Global’s opportunity discovery platform that connects students with educational opportunities (competitions, contests, scholarships, etc.) every week. After this launch, all media houses, nonprofits, schools and governments could sign up for weekly opportunity updates.

After his talk, Sharad was asked by conference moderators if he would "become India's first entrepreneur-Prime Minister?"

There was tremendous response to Sharad Sagar's talk in Europe. Within a few minutes, tweets from all across Europe praising Sharad's inspiring talk flooded the internet.

Here's the full video of Sharad Sagar's historic talk and Q&A session in Europe

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