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Sharad Sagar In North Bihar • Nov 2017

Only a week after losing his elder brother—an MIT Scientist and polymath who dedicated his life to the service of science, space and society—Sharad Sagar was back in the villages of North Bihar to talk to young people in the region and build an India all of us can be proud of.

Sharad Sagar started his trip with a visit to the famous Shiva Temple in Muzaffarpur.

The local media closely covered Sharad's visit to North Bihar.

Sharad was the Chief Guest on the occasion of Children's Day at Gyan Bharti Public School in Morsand Village in Sitamarhi, Bihar.

Sharad Sagar receiving a welcome from the members of the National Cadet Corps in Morsand Village.

In the villages of North Bihar, Sharad met with families and kids, local farmers and Villages Heads and understood local problems and challenges better.

Sharad had meals with students at their hostels and interacted with thousands of students in their schools and classrooms.

Sharad Sagar with young girls in Sitamarhi, Bihar

There was huge excitement among young kids to have Sharad Sagar in their village.

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