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Sharad Sagar In Ohio • April 2017

In April 2017, Sharad Sagar was the youngest speaker at one of America's oldest and most prestigious universities. At the historic Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, Sharad Sagar took forward the legacy of past guest speakers that included President Barack Obama, President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, Industrialist Ratan Tata, etc.

Sharad Sagar spoke at the Alleviating Poverty Through Entrepreneurship (APTE) Summit, organized by the Ohio State University and attended by thousands community members, changemakers, local leaders, startup CEOs and young professionals from around the world.

During his inspiring talk, Sharad said, "We landed a man on moon, a preacher marched across Selma, a wall came down in Berlin. Don't tell me we can't fight poverty, Ohio State!"

At Ohio State University, Sharad was speaking alongside known philanthropists, and renowned Harvard and MIT alums and Presidential Awardees.

Professor Anil Gupta (Padma Shri) of IIM Ahmedabad and the Founder of India's National Innovation Foundation, who was one of the speakers at the Summit, had heaps of praises for Sharad Sagar's ideas and vision.

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