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Sharad Sagar In Samastipur • April 2017

In April 2017, Sharad Sagar made a historic visit to the villages of Samastipur in Bihar, India. In a weeklong visit to Samastipur, Sharad Sagar addressed several thousand students, parents and teachers, had dinners with young students in villages, met families, farmers and local leaders and was felicitated in traditional Mithila style.

Local kids and school teachers voluntarily engaged in setting up public meetings with Sharad Sagar.

In Samastipur, Sharad Sagar visited families and understood local problems.

Sharad Sagar had dinner with students of Dath Village in Samastipur.

"India is not just our greatest pride. It is also our greatest responsibility."

The elders in the community felicitated Sharad Sagar in traditional Mithila style and requested to make a second visit soon.

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