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Sharad Sagar In Vadodara • Dec 2017

In December 2017, Sharad Sagar created history by becoming the youngest Indian convocation speaker ever. On December 9, 2017, Sharad Sagar delivered one of the greatest commencement speeches ever made in the history of India.

The media across India covered the announcement of Sharad Sagar as Navrachana University's 5th Convocation Speaker and the nation's youngest.

Sharad started his Vadodara visit by addressing school students in the city.

Before his BIG speech, Sharad Sagar met with the university President, Chairperson, Provost and other senior members of the faculty and also addressed members of the media at a press conference.

Sharad Sagar walking to the Commencement ceremonies with the University President, Chairperson, Provost and members of the faculty.

At Navrachana University in Vadodara, Gujarat, Sharad Sagar made history in two ways: he was the youngest Indian convocation speaker ever and he delivered this historic speech without a script. Sharad Sagar received a long rousing standing ovation from thousands present at the ceremony and emotional, touching notes and messages kept pouring in for days.

Sharad Sagar's full speech at Navrachana University's 2017 Convocation in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Sharad Sagar also awarded degrees to the graduating students with distinctions.

Amidst a BIG election in the state and even with the Prime Minister himself being in the city on that day, the next morning, all leading media houses and newspapers chose to print full-length articles on Sagar's historic speech.

The speech has been viewed by over 1.5 million people across the world, making it one of the most watched commencement speeches of all time.

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