• "If money could have changed the world, money would have changed the world."

    “For too long, information, opportunities, and resources have been constraints, they need to be the bridges.”

    “The Big Investments of tomorrow need not be on the Stock Exchange. They need to be in our schools.”

    “If your sole focus is money, you may create a successful startup. But if it's impact, you can probably create history.”

    “We won't let poverty kill educational access & opportunities. We'll kill poverty through education.”

  • Sharad is quoted globally by influential leaders, corporations and startups, universities and governments, newspapers and media houses. From being cited alongside the Father of Social Entrepreneurship by a Minister of the Govt. of Taiwan to being featured in the syllabi of top US universities, Sharad is quoted by hundreds of international organizations, startups and social enterprises in their mission statements, vision documents and annual reports.


    Sharad's ideas and his vision of a better world transcends continents, cultures and languages. His quotes are translated and shared in over 25 languages across the world.

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