• Sharad Sagar is an Indian youth icon, a globally renowned entrepreneur and a 21st century leader whose words and work in the field of education and public service are inspiring a generation. President Barack Obama invited him to the White House, Forbes listed him on the global Forbes 30 under 30 List, the Rockefeller Foundation inducted him in the list of 100 Next Century Innovators, the Nobel Peace Center invited him to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and India’s leading media house Divya Bhaskar called him “the Vivekananda of 21st Century”, however, Sharad Sagar considers himself a dedicated worker and servant of Swami Vivekananda. Sharad Sagar is spiritually initiated by Srimat Swami Gautamananda Ji Maharaj, Vice President, Ramakrishna Math and Mission.

  • "My story is not just my story, it's our story, the great Indian story; the story of all things being possible no matter who you are, where you were born and what your parents did; the story of your hard work and dreams and merit dictating your destiny not your inheritance or zip codes or family incomes."

    Sharad Sagar

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    "Very often we sit back thinking good things will happen, knowing that good things take time and hoping that someone else will do it. The world needs you. Change needs you."


    Sharad Sagar, Tufts University Graduation Address, May 21, 2016




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