• "The world will become only as great a place to live in as we make it."

  • Sharad Sagar believes that the next world leaders are in classrooms today and we can change the way the world moves forward if we succeed in educating them well.


    Sharad Sagar’s vision is to help solve the 21st century challenges through a 21st century leadership and education. Sharad is on a mission to power the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and intellectual awakening.

    Take a look at Sharad Sagar’s Seven Visions for the Century:

  • #1 Building an Opportunities Superhighway

    Sharad Sagar believes that every single child should be connected with every single educational opportunity in real time and more such educational opportunities must be created for children while they’re still in middle school and high school.


    Goal: Connecting 20 million students with educational opportunities by 2020

    Progress: 5.5 million connected through DexConnect

    “If you don’t know that an opportunity exists, you don’t get that opportunity.”

    - Sharad Sagar

  • #2 Strengthening the Office of the Citizen

    Sharad Sagar believes that every single student must be equipped with four key skill sets: the ability to think critically, research deeply, communicate effectively and lead positively.


    Goal: Equipping 10 million students with these skill sets by 2020.

    Progress: 1 million students through DexChallenges, DexSchool, D2C and Lectures.

    “A good doctor, a good scientist, a good citizen– they all think alike. They think critically.”

    - Sharad Sagar

  • #3 Preparing a 21st Century Leadership

    Sharad Sagar believes in creating high quality leadership and entrepreneurship ecosystems for middle school and high school students so that more young people grow as fine young leaders and entrepreneurs.


    Goal: Formal leadership and entrepreneurship education to 1,000 young leaders by 2020

    Progress: 250 graduates from the Dexterity School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship

    “Only a new age leadership can help solve age old problems.”

    - Sharad Sagar

  • #4 Accessible world-class college education

    Sharad Sagar believes that every single child must get the opportunity to go to a top college and pursue an academic degree in whatever he or she is passionate about. And, that the lack of awareness or access should not keep them away from college.


    Goal: Formal high school to college transition platform to 1000 high school students by 2020.

    Progress: 200 graduates from Dexterity to College (D2C)

    ​ “Between what’s working and what’s not working, a good college education for our children can be the difference.”

    - Sharad Sagar

  • #5 Initiating Dialogues on Peace, Policy and Progress

    Sharad Sagar believes in initiating dialogues, discussions and civic engagement that inspires more young people to engage in public service and nation building. Sharad believes that youth must focus on peace, policy and progress.


    Goal: Engaging over 50 million youth by 2020

    Progress: 10 million through online and offline public engagement.


    "Words matter. They mattered in achieving freedom, they mattered in initiating and achieving historical feats and they matter as much today."


    - Sharad Sagar

  • #6 Allocating Financial Aid for a Democratized Education

    Sharad believes that anything educational must also have generous financial aid attached to it so that no person misses out because of the lack of financial resources. Full financial aid to those who need it will ensure a more democratized education.


    Goal: Lifetime need-blind financial aid policy at all Dexterity platforms

    Progress: Need-blind financial aid since 2008

    "A society that keeps half its citizens away from school only gets half way to progress."


    - Sharad Sagar

  • #7 Inspiring more Youth to run for Public Office

    Sharad Sagar believes that more young people should run for public office and exercise the highest level of intelligence and integrity in politics to help solve people’s problems and help extend equal opportunities. Over 50% of the world population is under the age of 30 but only 2% people under the age of 30 are in parliaments across the world – that needs to change.

    “Let things bother you. The times today are too dangerous for the young and the smart to be not bothered. Know the truth. Remember, “We can deny the truth. But, we can’t avoid it.”

    - Sharad Sagar

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