• "The world will become only as great a place to live in as we make it."

  • Sharad Sagar believes that the next world leaders are in classrooms today and we can change the way the world moves forward if we succeed in educating them well.


    Sharad Sagar’s vision is to help solve the 21st century challenges through a 21st century leadership and education. Sharad is on a mission to power the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities and intellectual awakening.

    Take a look at Sharad Sagar’s Seven Visions for the Century:

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    Building an Opportunities Superhighway


    Strengthening the Office of the Citizen


    Preparing a 21st Century Leadership


    Accessible world-class college education


    Initiating Dialogues on Peace, Policy & Progress


    Allocating Financial Aid for a Democratized Education


    Inspiring more Youth to run for Public Office

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